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Knight and Day - Brand New Trailer
Having seen several version's of this trailer now, I think I am looking forward to this movie. Not because its Cameron Diaz or even Tom Cruise, although I really don't mind him as an actor as most, but for the fun and the type of Popcorn movie you would expect to watch.

I think I will give this movie a chance for the what its worth, I am the type of guy that enjoys mindless explosions or even some great one liners thrown in for the fun of it. That is why I would go see this. I want to escape reality and just have a good time. I would not expect to go in looking for plot, or even a half decent story line. Those that do and then feel like they wasted their money...CHANGE YOUR IDEAS NOW.

By Henry Ferreyra

Watch the trailer below and see what you think...

Date :2010-Apr-16

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