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Producers Actors Workshop (Salt Lake City)

2010-04-09 13:34:09
Hey Actors, John "JJ" Rogers, www.thelenzfilmsinc.com and www.imdb.com/name/nm1844052/ will be in town April 17th to do an acting workshop focusing on Action and Comedy. He will be directing two movies this summer in Salt Lake City and is wanting to get to know the talent in our city. Check out his website and Imdb. The cost is $75 (includes a subway lunch) and times will be from 11 am to 7 pm, at the Utah Dream Center, www.utahdreamcenter.org. Address: 1624 South 1000 West, Salt Lake City, UT. 84104. Please bring your headshots and resumes because this could turn into some summer work!! Send me an email to let me know your coming so that I could get my lunch orders ready. You could pay at the door. Thank you, johnnymurilloproductions.com
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Scene Study with Christopher Miller

2010-02-25 14:45:06
Jeff Johnson Casting (2150 South Main Street in Salt Lake City)
This is what scene study is suppose to be. You won't be directed to a polished performance. This is drilling. WEDNESDAYS from 7:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.
8 Weeks - $250.00
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Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica!)

2009-11-07 00:53:07
CMG 231 Mountain Way Orem Utah
Richard Hatch's approach is very positive. He works on building you as a person not tearing down to build back up later if you last, kind of an approach... I have been hooked from hello. You will find the same to be true once you join our group. We are looking forward to the new faces this session.
If you have not been to the Richard Hatch Workshop now is your chance! We have had film producers, directors, actors and singers attend. He will help you build confidence in all areas of you life. The Richard Hatch Workshop was featured on ABC 4's "Good Things Utah" last month and it has truly been a GOOD Thing Utah! He will be in town November 13th and 14th Date & Time: Friday 6-11 Saturday 10-5 Location: Creative Media Group Sound Stage 231 Mountain Way Orem Utah We all meet up to eat after the workshop to get a bit to eat. This month just the class will be going out after. Please email Sue Rowe with any questions you may have about the workshop. suero4film@yahoo.com We have a great group that has been working with Richard for the past 3 sessions. I learn from everyone and come away with something new I need to work after each workshop. Don't miss your chance to learn and grow as an actor, director, singer, writer, and about yourself personally... Please Register by Pay Pal: GO to: www.richardhatchcruise.com (RICHARD) - You can use the pay pal button for 150. It doesn't matter if it says the acting class or seminar or hosting fee. It's just set up for my past Alaska cruise but can be used for other things. There are two buttons, one for my seminars and one for my hosting fee. The hosting fee button is for $150. Thanks, Richard... THEN -- Email me suero4film@yahoo.com once you have registered. If you have not been to his workshop here is what to expect... Become a Highly Skilled and Consummate Actor! FOCUS YOUR SKILLS - Learn how to emotionally and mentally connect to a role, and bring to life the most exciting elements of the character and story. Using techniques for concentration, spontaneity and relaxation that really work, learn how to really listen and be fully present, and to develop an intimate rapport with the character and audience. CREATE YOUR REALITY - Acting is about living moment to moment within a given circumstance, premise, and reality. Creating the reality and relating to it organically brings about an honest, truthful performance. CONFRONT YOUR FEARS - Learn how to confront and embrace your fears and insecurities so that they work for you, instead of against you. Learn how to be more comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, and to see the camera as your friend. MAKE BETTER CHOICES - Learn how to make more exciting choices. Create powerful performances that will be more memorable. Learn how to experience more and act less. DO YOUR BEST WORK - Preparing yourself correctly for a scene or cold reading is paramount to doing your best work when it really counts. Learn how to bring your passion and fire into your work and be more unpredictable. BE YOURSELF - Learn how to be more open, spontaneous and comfortable with producers, directors, and casting directors during meetings and casting sessions. * Become A Highly Skilled & Confident Screen Actor * * Develop A Compelling, Dynamic Screen Presence * The Art and Craft of Acting for Camera and the Stage with Internationally Known Actor/Teacher Richard Hatch. Richard Hatch is best known for his starring roles in All My Children, The Streets of San Francisco and Battlestar Galactica (for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award), and for his guest starring roles in over 300 series episodes. He is currently acting the role of “Tom Zarek” in the newly re-imagined Battlestar Galactica playing on the Sci-Fi Channel. Has co-authored 7 Battlestar Galactica hardback novels for I-books including BG comics for Extreme Press. Richard was also nominated for the Joseph Jefferson award for his stage skills in PS Your Cat is Dead in Chicago. He has taught & lectured at the SAG Conservatory, UCLA, Orange Coast College, Maui Community College, The Learning Annex, The Learning Tree, The Whole Life Expo and Windstar. He also teaches privately by appointment. Join internationally recognized actor, writer and teacher Richard Hatch for a comprehensive and inspiring class on the process of acting and performing for camera and the stage! Become a highly skilled and consummate actor. Act and audition with power and authority. Learn to give the performance of your life when it counts. Discover the power and magic of acting and performing. IMDB CREDITS http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0368745/
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Maya 3D Character Animation Class

2009-11-04 11:06:50
Salt Lake City
Learn the techniques of character animation from a working feature film animator.
No experience necessary!

I’ve animated over 20 minutes of lead characters on two feature films over the last five years and I’ll be starting on a third film next year.

If you have a passion for animation I can teach you what you need to know to become a great animator.

Master Principles such as:

Arches and Reversals

Squash and Stretch

Follow Through

Body Mechanics

Line of Action




Classes are held one night each week for two hours.

For more information go to http://benburrell.com/class

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Scene Study with Christopher Miller

2009-10-30 10:55:08
Jeff Johnson Casting (2150 South Main Street in Salt Lake City)
8 Weeks - $250.00
This is what scene study is suppose to be. You won\'t be directed to a polished performance. This is drilling. WEDNESDAYS from 7:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.
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Producers Actors Workshop (Salt Lake City) SLC 2010-04-09 13:34:09
Scene Study with Christopher Miller Jeff Johnson Casting (2150 South Main Street in Salt Lake City) 2010-02-25 14:45:06
Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica!) CMG 231 Mountain Way Orem Utah 2009-11-07 00:53:07
Maya 3D Character Animation Class Salt Lake City 2009-11-04 11:06:50
Scene Study with Christopher Miller Jeff Johnson Casting (2150 South Main Street in Salt Lake City) 2009-10-30 10:55:08
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